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Most of the other architecture sets have considerable larger numbers than this, confirming what I put forth above about the popularity of this structure being lower than some of the other models. Display Attributes Does this set stand out? Having said that, I really enjoyed building this model, to the point I actually took it apart and built it again. The Villa Savoye was a very influential building of the s, and imitations can be found all over the world.

Review of LEGO Villa Savoye

Its low profile blocky structure may not be as wowing as some of the other set I have on display, but this is always one that people want to pick up and examine from every angle. Again, it is nothing that will impress you in any way, but that section is very different compared to the rest of the set, and that makes it a good way to finish the build. The set is also perfectly sized for an office desk, a mantle, or pretty much every place you would want to display it. Plus, you get a history lesson complete with in-depth pictures covering every interesting aspect of the set you are about to build.

Review of LEGO Villa Savoye

This item doesn't belong on this page. Le Corbusier's piloti perform a number of functions around the house, both inside and out. One other aspect of the build experience that must be mentioned with every set in the Architecture line are the fantastic instruction manuals.

Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? For Architecture collectors, this is a for sure a must have set. Holding Period Return, assuming the set was purchased at retail on the day of released and sold today. People who bought this also bought.

Lego architecture villa savoye

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There are a couple of unique parts to the Villa Savoye worth mentioning. Other than that discrepancy, I consider that given the prices of some of the other Architecture theme sets, explaining english grammar pdf the Villa Savoye is very fairly priced. Wikipedia has media related to Villa Savoye.

Every single one of the major characteristics of the building are present in a miniature scale. This of course, is a direct result of the original having the same features, and that's to me part of the reason that this building is so attractive. Man, just so much to consider! So, what does all of this info mean?

The four columns in the entrance hall seemingly direct the visitor up the ramp. The Villa Savoye, which is probably Le Corbusier's best known building from the s, had an enormous influence on international modernism. That is double most of the sets in this theme.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Villa Savoye. They reflect the adult focus of the theme.

Most of the time you'll find it at Barnes and Noble stores on their own special section. Maybe this is why sets have such a high price per piece average, because the packaging it slick, heavy-duty, and down right beautiful. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just something that I think you should now before making a decision, as they are not particularly challenging. That can help you determine that the sets on this theme are selling well, and probably most of the ones that are not in the top are very close to that number anyway. Still, it is so good looking that you'll probrably go right ahead online and check the original thing to learn more about it or just purchase the model and read the information booklet included.

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On the ground floor he placed the main entrance hall, ramp and stairs, garage, and the rooms of the chauffeur and maid. So, you can see that it has some value as far as rare parts goes, just nothing to impressive.

Adult buyers grab a their Starbuck Mocha latte half whip while reading the latest copy of The New Yorker - and grab the latest Lego Architecture set as they head to check out. Problems with the Savoyes caused by all the requests for additional payment from the contractors for all the changes were compounded by the need for early repairs to the new house. Finally come the large sets, and actually the price per piece average is very competative to other Lego themes. Now like the other larger sets in this theme, the initial investment is a bit greater and becomes a bigger negative when weighing your options on which sets to buy.

Each autumn, the Savoyes suffered rainwater leaks through the roof. The Savoyes returned to their estate after the war, but were no longer in position to live as they had done before the war, and soon abandoned the house again. Lego Architecture - Flatiron Building. As you can see as time has progressed, the price per piece average has come way down making a lot of the newer sets competative with other Lego themes. This is a newer piece in the Lego world, but only one other set a minifig has this in white.

Villa Savoye

What I enjoy the most is actually the last twenty or so pages, when you get to build most of the detailing in the roof section. While building, it's hard to understand the scale as you assemble it. Unlike his contemporaries, Le Corbusier often chose to use timber windows rather than metal ones. Most of these sets, especially the mid to larger ones, are great display pieces. On the second-floor level was a series of sculpted spaces that formed a solarium.

Lego architecture villa savoye

After its principal occupants had been dropped off by the chauffeur, the car proceeded around the curve to park in the garage. No way you can part out these sets and make a profit either, in my opinion. However, in the architecture line, the instructions are like a runway model - sleek, gorgeous, and makes you pause to take another look.

Lego Villa Savoye manual

Another aspect of the of set boxes that they are easy to reseal with fold-in flaps. Packaging Does this set stand out? Below is a comparision chart for what I consider the three categories in this theme. The boxes are all black with white colored font, that looks extremely good and elegant. Most of the time, this sets are placed on their own section in the stores.

The sets are not exclusive to any one retailer, and you can find them at most of your local stores. The sense of mobility that the car conferred was translated into a feeling of movement that is integral to the building. Let's compare this set to the only one that has been retired from the same theme. First Impression Feelings after first look?

The first impression this set provides is just great, just as the structure it is based in. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.