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As indicated by Loewen et al. Besides this, it will be useful to seek benefits from recent grammar data when writing the grammar sections of course books. The presence of grammar explanations in course books influences learning positively. Grammar should be a tool for learners to reach their language-learning targets.

It is revealed in this study that it is possible to find mistakes occasionally in examples and explanations in the current books. Yani ikinci universte okumak istiyor turkiyede. Burs icin ne yapmak lazim?

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Yos sinava gire biliyormuyum? Other opinions of teachers on language teaching were also asked. Merhaba hocam, ben bu sene lisenin sonuncu sinifini okuyacagim ve ingilizcem iyi oldugu icin dil sinifindayim.

The findings related to the course books in this study show that there is not a standard in presentation of grammar subjects and the language levels across different books. Size Almanyadan ulasiyorum. The tenth part of the book has been written to prepare students for Turkish exams. It will be useful in further studies about these issues in the future.

Cambridge University Press. They also remarked that teaching the compound tenses immediately after the basic tenses is unfavorable. Bunu bende arastirdim ve hayir cikman gerekmiyor.

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Ve su an dil bolumu okuyorum, illa ingilizce bolumleri arasindan secmek zorundamiyim yoksa kendim secebilecekmiyim? No matter how much communication-oriented teaching is done, it is not possible to exclude grammar teaching from the language-teaching environment. Learning, teaching, assessment. Yos sinavi girme sansim varmi benim.

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She states that the insufficiency of the works on Turkish grammar and the descriptions cause inefficiency in course books as well. Other course books were selected because they were prepared by the language-teaching centers of four government universities in Turkey. Merhaba hocam, ben cifte vatandasim Hollandadan geldim ama liseyi Turkiyede bitirecegim bu sorun olur mu acaba? When the subjects that learners and teachers had difficulty with are compared, it is seen that there is some variation between the two sides. Other statements of teachers and students about grammar topics are also classified and presented in the findings section.

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The teachers pointed out that course book examples should be correct and should not confuse the learners. Conclusions and Discussion The subject of this study is the course books that are used in teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. Ben cift vatandaslik degilim sadece turk pasaportum var.

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Merhaba dokuz eylul sorularini nasil bulabiliriz? En az puan alinanlar degerlendirmeye alindigini okudum. There is an urgent need of some common criteria to be determined with a leading institution. In addition to this, they reported that teaching the structures that have the same meaning successively increases the difficulties for learners.

Finally, it is observed in this study that the lists of grammar topics that are presented in the books were not common. Merhaba hocam ben istanbul univeritesi icin sinav merkezini ankara yaptim bunu istanbul olarak degistirebilirmiyim? The tests also have answer keys. Bilgilendirirseniz sevinirim.

Thus grammatical subjects support each other and a previously learned subject does not inhibit a new subject in teaching environments. However, both teachers and learners alike reported that there had been problems with compound tenses, passive voices and gerunds. Despite the ongoing debate over the how much grammar should be taught in language-teaching environments, a language-teaching process without any grammar teaching would be unlikely. It is possible to use this statement even for teaching Turkish as a foreign language.

The usage of grammar materials other than course books, in fact, may be regarded as an indicator that the book was found to be insufficient. These factors will guide both the updating and rewriting of Turkish course books and Turkish grammar books for foreign learners. Hocam merhabalar acaba yos ile kabul eden universitelerin icinden burs verenlerinin isimlerini yazabilirmisiniz simdiden tskler. It is a comprehensive resource book prepared to include all grammar topics that a student might need. Remember me on this computer.

Sorumu cevaplarsaniz cok mutlu olurum. Size benim de bir sorum olacak. Analysis of the course books also reveals that the list of grammar subjects that are required to be taught is unidentified. The amount of information will be presented to learners while teaching Turkish grammar is also an issue on which consensus should be reached.

Merhaba hocam benim anlamadigim bir konu var. The subjects in the Grammar Book have been taught not only as grammar points but also as meaningful units. Neye gore calismam gerekir? An example of Turkish as a foreign language Learners. Each part has its own topic and the texts have been prepared parallel to the Grammar Book.

Merhaba, ben hollandadan temelli turkiyeye geldim yos sinavi girmek icin hollanda pasaport lazim mi acaba. The topics have been given in a short and clear language and they are supported by additional examples and exercises. This set, which measures reading comprehension, vocabulary, daily speech phrases, basic writing and grammar rules has a total of original questions. Merhaba, maalesef giremezsin.

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You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Ben de bu sene basvuracagim. The vocabulary section at the end of the book contains new vocabulary learned in the previous parts in alphabetical order.

While all the text in the book have been written, the sentence structure and meaning details in Turkish have been kept in mind. These findings should be taken into account for the course books and materials that will be prepared in the future. There are also differences in the amount and the way of the grammar books, as well as the mistakes within them. In this study, differences are observed both in the form of the presentation of grammar and the amount of the information given in the course books. Teachers stated in the present study that voices, curso de video digital pdf gerunds and tenses should not be taught successively.

This situation may cause inter-agency problems as well. Ama zaten universire mezunu misirdan.