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Detach the connector of the palm rest cable by pulling the tab with your fingers. Discharge and recharge the battery.

Thinkpad t61 pdf

Proper cables and connectors are available from Lenovo authorized dealers. Improper handling of the fan can cause distortion or deformation and imperfect contact with components.

Communications Wireless Protocol. Turn the computer over and open the display.

If the computer you are servicing has three cables, put the white cable in the cable bag in the card slot. Press the left and right top edges of the palm rest to fit it into place. Replace the hard disk drive only if you upgrade it or have it repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions Where are the recovery discs? Many customers have, near their equipment, rubber floor mats that contain small conductive fibers to decrease electrostatic discharges. Fn Key Combinations Product overview Fn key combinations The following table shows the function of each combination of Fn with a function key.

When you install the the card, route the antenna cables as shown in this figure. The screen is unreadable or distorted. Push the front side of the palm rest until it clicks into place. To ensure that they will be installed correctly, install the optical drive in the Ultrabay before performing a recovery operation. Set the configuration of your computer.

Memory Max Supported Size. More than one Ethernet devices are found. More than one modem devices are found. Users of this document should verify the applicable data for their specific environment. Windows Vista Certification.

Detailed specifications - ThinkPad T61 T61p - NL

Display Widescreen Display. The System Restart Required window is displayed. Seek medical care if any symptoms from the fluid are present after washing.


Be Gentle With Your Computer Taking care of your ThinkPad computer v Some appliances, such as certain portable desktop fans or air purifiers, civil manual in gujarati pdf can produce negative ions. Such devices are also sold separately as options.

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The materials at those Web sites are not part of the materials for this Lenovo product, and use of those Web sites is at your own risk. Display Resolution Abbreviation. Make sure that the battery connector is attached firmly. Physical Characteristics Weight.

Avoid keeping your hands, your lap, or any other part of your body in contact with a hot section of the computer for any extended length of time. Fru Replacement Notices Use a new one. Networking Max Transfer Rate. Manufacturer Warranty Type. Microsoft Windows Vista Business.

An untrained person runs the risk of damaging parts. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Only use computer parts provided by Lenovo. To open Productivity Center, press the blue ThinkVantage button on your keyboard. Lenovo is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by using other than recommended cables or connectors or by unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment.

Some hand tools have handles covered with a soft material that does not insulate you when working with live electrical currents. Increasing memory capacity is an effective way to make programs run faster. Put the drive on a material, such as soft cloth, that absorbs the physical shock.

Do not apply physical shock to the computer while the test is running. Attach the side rubber rails to a new hard disk drive. The rubber rails on the hard disk drive must be attached to the replacement drive. Trademarks Actual results may vary. Any references in this publication to non-Lenovo Web sites are provided for convenience only and do not in any manner serve as an endorsement of those Web sites.

Dispose of the battery pack as required by local ordinances or regulations. The computer does not return from sleep standby mode, or the sleep standby indicator stays on and the computer does not work. Close the computer display, and turn the computer over.

If the system board is inoperable, this will not be possible. When you press this combination, a panel for selecting a power scheme appears. Place the computer on a horizontal surface. Specifications Appendix C. Do not handle the fan roughly.

Right-click on the desktop, click Properties to open the Display Properties window, then click the Settings tab. Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing. This practice ensures correct grounding of the units.

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Make sure that the hard disk drive connector is attached firmly. Memory Specification Compliance. Video Output Graphics Processor.

Then fasten the four screws to secure the palm rest. In the following procedure, you can select an item not only with the arrow keys, but also with the TrackPoint pointer. Data is being transmitted. Optical Storage Drive Type.

Detailed specifications - ThinkPad T61 T61p - NL

Graphics Processor Series. If the Touch Pad is disabled, select Automatic to enable it. If the system does not return from sleep standby mode, it may have entered sleep standby or hibernation mode automatically because the battery is depleted. Install the battery pack along the slide rails of the slot. Turn the computer over, and reconnect the ac adapter and the cables to the computer.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 7659 User Manual