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We are committed to the success and retention of these new partners at all levels. To be successful in the future, particularly outside of the U. Operating margin expansion in fiscal was primarily driven by sales leverage and lower commodity costs, partially offset by investments in partners employees and digital platforms. Challenge partners are urgently working together to increase transparency, aligned to the common vision that all coffee can be produced using sustainable practices. Our corporate governance policies, code of ethics and Board committee charters and policies are also posted on the Investor Relations section of Starbucks website at investor.

We expressly disclaim any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Stored value cards are issued to customers when they initially load them with an account balance. Starbucks is building and operating stores with an aim to minimize our environmental footprint with ambitious goals for and beyond.

Such security breaches also could result in a violation of applicable U. Cost of sales including occupancy costs. Moreover, many of the foregoing risks are particularly acute in developing countries, which are important to our long-term growth prospects.

To achieve this, we are continuing the disciplined expansion of our global store base, adding stores in both existing, developed markets such as the U. Comparable store sales exclude the effect of fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates. Economic conditions in the U. Our future growth increasingly depends on the growth and sustained profitability of certain international markets.

We believe, based on relationships established with our suppliers, the risk of non-delivery on such purchase commitments is remote. Loss on extinguishment of debt. These are known as price-to-be-fixed contracts. If our retail business partners do not provide sufficient levels of support for our products, which is at their discretion, it could limit our ability to grow our Channel Development business.

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Starbucks acted quickly to provide support, working with nonprofit partners to mobilize immediate relief and longer-term rebuilding efforts. Increased competition in the U.

We believe, based on relationships established with our dairy suppliers, that the risk of non-delivery of sufficient fluid milk to support our stores is remote. Store operating expenses as a percentage of total net revenues decreased basis points.

Average Price Paid per Share. We face intense competition in each of our channels and markets, which could lead to reduced profitability. Directors, Executive Officers and Corporate Governance. Additionally, our Channel Development business is also in part dependent on the level of support our retail business partners provide our products, and in some markets there are only a few retailers.

Schultz was the director of retail operations and marketing for Starbucks Coffee Company, a predecessor to the Company. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this Annual Report on Form K.

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All references to store counts, including data for new store openings, are reported net of related store closures, unless otherwise noted. These forward-looking statements are all based on currently available operating, financial and competitive information and are subject to various risks and uncertainties.

We are highly dependent on the financial performance of our Americas operating segment. Our open-source agronomy approach gives farmers access to the latest findings from our top agronomists, including new varietals of disease-resistant trees and soil-management techniques. Brand value is based in part on consumer perceptions on a variety of subjective qualities. Failure to comply with applicable laws and changing legal and regulatory requirements could harm our business and financial results. We were also able to provide local food banks with fresh food, water, coffee and snacks to communities facing natural disasters in the U.

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Any or all of the forward-looking statements contained in this Annual Report on Form K and any other public statement made by us, including by our management, may turn out to be incorrect. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company.

Recent Announcements

Most licensees are prominent retailers with in-depth market knowledge and access. Our food program continues to develop, and we expect the amount of food products purchased to impact our operations. Packaged and single-serve coffees and teas.

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The program will include building standards for new and remodeled stores, along with performance standards for all stores in energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and partner engagement. These issues, especially for those products for which we rely on one or few suppliers or vendors, could negatively impact our business and profitability. While our cups can be recycled in many communities today, we are working with local governments and stakeholders to increase their acceptance in recycling systems. Starbucks Stories A place for inspiring, original stories about community, innovation and all things coffee. Our reputation and brand and our ability to attract new customers could also be adversely impacted if we fail, or are perceived to have failed, to properly respond to these incidents.

Starbucks also invests in coffee communities, sharp objects pdf sharing agronomy practices and our coffee knowledge. The Starbucks brand is recognized throughout the world and we have received high ratings in global brand value studies.

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In addition we consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to the federally protected categories of race, national origin, age, sex, religion and disability. Acquisitions and Divestitures. Gain resulting from acquisition of joint venture.

We purchase green coffee beans from multiple coffee-producing regions around the world and custom roast them to our exacting standards for our many blends and single origin coffees. Schultz was the chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president of Il Giornale Coffee Company, a predecessor to the Company. These investments provide enhanced wages and benefits and also focus on mobile and loyalty programs. Prior to joining Juniper Networks, Mr. In addition to setting purchasing targets reflected throughout our supply chain goals, our sourcing team proactively supports diverse supplier development.

Roasting and distribution. All Other Segments Stores. We are committed to being a deeply responsible company in the communities where we do business. We are taking the next step with direct investments in new geographically relevant renewable energy projects. Although we have operational safeguards in place, they may not be effective in preventing the failure of these systems or platforms to operate effectively and be available.

Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices is our cornerstone coffee-buying program consisting of best practices that has the potential to increase the prosperity and resiliency of farms and livelihoods. This favorability was partially offset by unfavorable foreign currency translation and the impact of our ownership change in Starbucks Japan. In addition to the locations listed above, we hold inventory at various locations managed by third-party warehouses.

In the event we record an impairment charge, it could have a material impact on our financial results. Net cash provided by operating activities. Occupancy costs and store operating expenses can be higher internationally than in the U.

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