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The Galactic Alliance then begins planning a counterattack against Coruscant. Hopefully we'll get some more answers then. The group, most of them emotionally weary of what will be done, proceed to return to the Galactic Alliance just as the forces of its military at Mon Calamari are fighting the invading armada. Meanwhile, Zonama Sekot discovers that it is the offspring of the original Yuuzhan'tar, thus explaining the biological connection that it has with the Yuuzhan Vong. The novel, and the series, ends with everybody laughing, not only at what Han said, but also in joy and relief that once again, the galaxy is at peace.

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Onimi performed this by using the mental connection that he had with it, which was obviously greater than Shimrra's, in order to increase the chances that the Slayers had in winning the battle. It is the last act in the unfolding epic, and both sides are playing their final. They seemed to be big on the Yo'gand strategy back then. Hand and Leia reached a new place in their relationship and came to understand and appreciate true sacrifice.

The Unifying Force brought every character to a new level. The Unifying Force is really the beginning of his journey. The latter situation is all for naught as that ship successfully evades the Alliance and Zonama's defensive forces to arrive at the living planet.

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He wants to interrogate the Sith Lord for the Empire's secrets, then put him on trial, and then later execute him. While Page and the Katarn Commandos storm the lower levels of Shimrra's Citadel, Luke and the Solo twins battle their way through Vong warriors as they travel up the mountainous worldship. The marauding aliens have pushed deeper into the galaxy in their ruthless quest for domination.

Their journey to seek and do the will of the Force has only begun. Many of these Jedi believed a similar philosophy focusing on the flow of time as a whole, ignoring primary use of the Living Force. Eventually, Zonama Sekot arrives in the Coruscant system, coinciding with Nom Anor's false prophecy to the heresy from the previous novel as it appears in Yuuzhan'tar's skies. Although he worked with both sides when it suited him, Nom Anor served no cause but his own. This was done after Onimi, being a Shaper at the time, discovered that there was no eighth cortex in the Shaper Qahsa.

The process of the vessel's own death begins as Shimrra's Citadel on Yuuzhan'tar explodes because of the same reason. The chase kills two of the Bith while the last one is captured. Like he did with Droma, Luceno does an excellent job of creating new minor characters, then making you care for them in short order. We see what both sides have to gain, but more importantly what they stand to lose. Moments later, the Jedi twins face down the true enemy.

Despite this, Jacen is sent by the faltering Luke to retrieve Jaina. The characters then have a celebratory feast, finding humor and relief in the fact that, once again, the galaxy is at peace. As much as I enjoyed the book, I did have a few minor nitpicks about it. They should have had more confrontations with the Yuuzhan Vong throughout the series. The final confrontation between him, Jaina, and Jacen has incredibly cool and chilling to read.

The eighth cortex was meant to find a way to save the Yuuzhan Vong from the decades of violence against each other as they crossed the Intergalactic Void in order to arrive in the galaxy. So Jaina and Jag get their big conclusion. However, it remains to be seen how the living planet Zonoma Sekot, the Shamed Ones, and Nom Anor will factor into the final outcome.

He has now gone so insane that he plans to wipe out every single living being and thing in the galaxy. Later, the Skywalkers, the Solos, and their friends and allies revisit Kashyyyk, where Han pinions Anakin's lightsaber into Chewbacca's makeshift grave. You may be looking for the novel.

Full list of Star Wars books. After all, romance has always been a major part of the Star Wars series. The Jedi believed the Unifying Force relied on their understandings and were attuned to space around them.

This article has an excess of redlinks in it. With help from Kota, the Rebels launch an all-out assault on Kamino. In the spectacular finale of the New Jedi Order series, Luke, Han, and Leia rally for their last stand against the enemy that threatens not only the galaxy but the Force itself.


New Jedi Order - The Unifying Force

Us-hrok Tchurokk Yun'tchilat. What a bittersweet moment, particularly considering this series is the reason I? Will they return to the Force now that they've been redeemed? Throughout the series, I thought the one-time executor would change sides and join with our heroes, but that was never truly a possibility. That was the whole point in killing Chewbcca and I think it worked.

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Drathul is vaguely aware of Nom Anor's lack of faith in the Vong religion and in Shimrra's competency as the Supreme Overlord. Though they are captured with two of their allies killed, they find that the local Yuuzhan Vong and their biots are dying, along with many of Caluula's indigenous creatures.


Lando remains the same lovable scoundrel, but even he was changed by the war. He then blamed Yun'o, especially Yun-Harla, for his afflictions in their motivation for retaliation against the Shaper who was trying to divulge their divine knowledge.

It is also revealed by the real Supreme Overlord that he was responsible for the swaying and tipping of the Citadel. Nevertheless, despite the thwarting of the sacrifice, Shimrra gives Warmaster Nas Choka the go-ahead to prepare his fleet to invade the Galactic Alliance's capital of Mon Calamari. This feels like three of the typically shorter novels in one. Onimi's liquid remnants are then sucked in by the yorik coral deck of the vessel like a stain, marking the end of the true Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong.

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Kota arrives with his men, and tells Starkiller not to kill Vader. Thinking Juno is dead, an enraged Starkiller attacks Vader, severing his hand and subduing him with Force Lightning. Sam Witwer returns to provide both the likeness and voice of Starkiller, the game's protagonist. Baker provides the voice of all of the clone troopers in the Clone Wars series, sternkarte pdf of which Boba is one.