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Then forces it through a third passage into the main passage through an injector above the venture of the carburettor. Hence a small hole of the starter valve is brought in front of the starter petrol jet by means of starter lever. In this case, only throttle valve governed the air-fuel ratio.

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The Bosch number set is the best guide as to the distributor you have to determine proper timing. Actual timing is determined by what distributor the engine is using, not by the engine. This hole is situated above the throttle valve. Replace any or all of these or efforts at proper timing will be poor at best. These should be checked, cleaned and blown out with compressed air.

Does the engine run fine when cold and the Choke is closed? Of course, it should be noted that before timing takes place, the points and condenser should be in good working order, the points properly gapped at. In addition, be sure your Fuel Tank is clean and not full of rust flakes, which would clog the Fuel Screen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This easy start is obtained by Solex Carburetor. Solex Carb Tuning Workshop. After the engine is fully warmed up, adjust the idle with a screwdriver at the large Air Bypass Screw on the left side of the Carburetor. If this is bad, remove protection from pdf Carburetor usually has to be replaced.

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The Throttle Plate Adjustment is now properly set. Again, after this done, read just your idle speed at the Air Bypass Screw appropriately. The positioning of this brass tube is critical dependent on the carburetor model. Read just your idle speed at the Air Bypass Screw appropriately afterwards.

If not, replace the Solenoid. This would have been detected when checking and adjusting the timing in the Ignition Area above, but it bears mentioning here as well.

The petrol is supplied to the starter petrol jet through the first passage from the float chamber. Starting is my main concern and problem get worse the colder it gets.

After the engine starts and speed increases, a weak mixture is required. How can you know what distributor you have so that proper timing can be accomplished? Check the Fuel Pump to be sure a steady flow is being provided. It will weaken supply gradually till the engine reaches its normal running speed.

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Does the engine begin to stall out as the Choke opens? Move the Throttle Arm on the Carburetor to its fully open position, thread the cable end through the Barrel Nut Assembly, then tighten the bolt of the Assembly. To check for leaks in all the places mentioned, use a spray bottle with soapy water and spray these places. The throttle valve remains in closed position during starting.

Minimum delivery capacity is cc per minute at approximately rpm engine speed. So, Here you find Best Engineering Resources for further details. If you like the post, share it with your friends and also on social sites. Then go to a port situated below the throttle valve from where the mixture is sucked into an engine.

Be sure that your distributor is timed correctly. In addition, vacuum leaks as described previously will result in hesitation.

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Please make sure that the Fuel Pump is in good working order. Look at the distributor casing and you will see a set of numbers stamped on the side of this casing. The original conventional carb downdraft would start right away. In most cases, there will be two lines of numbers. Remember to use a hose clamp at each fitting!

The position of various holes can be adjusted in front of starter petrol jet by starter lever. If timing is retarded too low, detonation can also occur and poor acceleration response will happen. This mixture is rich enough to start the engine. This is a downdraft type carburettor and has special provisions to supply, the richer mixture at starting of the engine. Have your friend release the Accelerator Pedal and the Throttle Arm should return to the fully closed position.

Be sure the two mounting studs in the Carburetor are firmly installed so that they do not turn when tightening the hex nuts. Do you think a manual plunge type would work.