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However when it comes to making investments, they often leave it to their husband or other male member of the family to invest on their behalf. Other agricultural work includes workers involved with livestock, forestry, fishing and hunting, plantations, orchards, and related activities. There have been several cases of sexual harassment recently involving even the senior women officials.


In our society, most cases of sexual abuse go unreported because of the trauma and the social stigma attached to it. Problems of women of rural areas of lower Sindh.

This attitude which considers women fit for certain jobs and not others colors those who recruit employees. Data was collected from the sample population of individuals through questionnaire-based survey. Social attitude to the role of women lags much behind the law. This adds to their stress further because they have to please all the family members of her husband.

They are keeping themselves shoulder to shoulder with opposite sex. Men just took care of few chores that are to be dealt outside the house. There has been recent legislation that has afforded them protection but it has not been implemented properly. In order to achieve success in corporate sector, women feel that they must do better than their male colleagues.

In addition, the offices operate more extensively in urban areas, thus likely undercounting unemployment in rural areas. Sexual harassment, which was an invisible problem until quite recently, has now become a major social problem with the widespread entry of women in to the labor force. Economic independence is allusive to them. If they happened to work in a highly pressurized environment, then they will bring home their work and that cuts few more hours of sleep.

The result is that the empowerment of women in India is highly unbalanced and with huge gaps. However, the extent to which women retain control over their own income varies from household to household and region to region.

Trends are being set and the ball has been made to rolling in the right direction. So many issues affect a working woman because she is closely protected or watched by her family and the society.

International Journal Reasearch Paper. Appropriate steps must be taken by employers or persons in charge of workplaces, public or private sector, to ensure safe working atmosphere for women. Technological advancement results in retrenchment of women employees.

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When a family recovers from an economic crisis or attempts to improve its status, women may be kept at home as a demonstration of the family's morality and as a symbol of its financial security. The weaker sections, especially the women, are denied the physical care they deserve.

It is beneficial to students, researchers, surveyors and all who are interested to read and learn about this issue. Remember me on this computer. Sharing of responsibility at work place or taking independent decisions is still a remote possibility for them. Though Indian women are far more independent and aware of their legal rights, such as right to work, equal treatment, property and maintenance, a majority of women remain unaware of these rights.


The psychological pressure of all this can easily lead to a woman quitting her job. Typically, the orthodox mindset in the Indian society makes it difficult for a working woman to balance her domestic environment with the professional life. An attitude change is needed across the board and a good first step to effect that would be to implement existing women-friendly legislation in letter and spirit.

These problems tend to make women less eager to progress in their careers. Analysis of Issues and Problems. However, it is true that working women have to face problems by virtue of their sex. We are starting a non profit organisation for working women to facilitate them in residence, transportation, clothing, foot wears and house maintainence ie, plumbing, electrical work etc. Many of the workingwomen, who control their own income, livro desafio de amar dia a dia pdf do contribute towards the economic needs of family as and when required.

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India has a long way to go before our women will be able to live their lives to the full. Socially they are outcast. Examining working time arrangements using time use survey data.

This is the only book which gives the full information about the working women in Karachi. The age old belief of male superiority over women creates several hurdles for women at their place of work. Research has shown that women contribute a higher share of their earnings to the family and are less likely to spend it on themselves. There is no profession today where women are not employed.

The Supreme Court held that a working woman can claim maintenance from her estranged husband, if her monthly income is not enough for her maintenance. It is shocking that the law protectors are violating and outraging modesty of women.

India is a multifaceted society where no generalization could apply to the entire nation's various regional, religious, social, and economic groups. Major problems faced by working women were observed i. They are ignored in the decision making process and they are not promoted to higher positions even if they deserve to be. The share of women in government jobs is very low and in low grades. There are many buzzwords emerging these days in the literature on women.

This was a survey-based research and was conducted through two questionnaires, which were distributed among individuals of different occupation. However, Indian women still face blatant discrimination at their workplaces. Further, these laws provide that maintenance can be claimed even prior to divorce, during separation.

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The mainstream of Pakistani women belongs to the rural areas who work in the fields and in the manufacturing centers. Gender and Structural Adjustment in Pakistan. The major setback for women in Pakistan started in the s, when govt. This stress is passed on to the family and frustration level builds up in the family. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

In addition to this, the same attitude governs injustice of unequal salaries for the same job. Changing role and status of working women in Pakistan.

Women account for a small proportion of the formal Indian labor force, even though the number of female main workers has grown faster in recent years than that of their male counterparts. The American College President, Edition. For centuries, women have been subjected to exploitation and torture physically, sexually and mentally.