Philippine National Plumbing Code Pdf

When fully opened, damper blade shall not extent the line of inner face of the flue. The class of materials according to flame-spread characteristics shall be determined for each occupancy group. Such pumps shall be supplied with an adequate source of power of the building and shall be automatic in operation.

The structural elements shall be of steel, iron, concrete, or masonry construction. Exterior balconies attached to or supported by walls required to be of masonry, shall have brackets or beams constructed of incombustible materials. Shutters of a size greater than square centimeters square inches shall be equipped with a counter-balance. Such earth shall be carefully placed and thoroughly compacted. Provided, That Group H buildings having no stage and having a seating capacity of less than need to be equipped with interior standpipes.

Every exit court shall be provided with exits as required by this Code. All devices or safeguards, which are required by this Code in a building or structure when constructed, altered, or repaired, shall be maintained on good working order. When more than one ventilators is provided, they shall be so spaced as to provide proper exhaust ventilation. The products of combustion shall be no more toxic than the burning of untreated wood under similar conditions.

Except, That for an open air stand with seats without backrest four exits need not be provided unless there are accommodations for more than occupants. In computing the required exit width, the net dimension of the exitway shall be used. Exits shall be a reasonable distance apart but shall be spaced not less than one-fifth of the perimeter of the area apart from each other. All exit doors in an exit enclosure shall appropriately be protected. No dampers shall be installed in such exhaust systems.

Philippine national plumbing code pdf

Exit requirements of a building or portion thereof used for different purposes shall be determined by the occupant load which gives the largest number of persons. The capacity of a building containing mixed occupancies shall be determined by adding the number of occupants of the various parts of the building classified as to Occupancy and Type of Construction. All openings in such a separations shall be protected a fire assembly having a one-hour fire-resistive rating.

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Philippine national plumbing code pdf

Curbs shall constructed as required for the roof. Every projection room shall be of not less than one-hour fire-resistive construction throughout and the walls and ceiling shall be finished with incombustible material. Materials and their assembly shall comply with the latest generally accepted engineering and architectural specifications and standards. Except, That where the entire attic is equipped with an approved automatic fire-extinguishing system, the attic space may be divided into areas not to exceed square meters square feet. Required yards shall be permanently maintained.

Philippine national plumbing code pdf

Provided, That at least one wet standpipe is installed to cover not more than square meters square feet. The head block well must be provided with an adequate strongback of lateral brace to offset torque. The motor shall not be mounted in the spray booth or the duct system and belts shall be enclosed where they enter the booth or duct system. All shelves, fixtures, and fixed equipment in a projection room shall be constructed of incombustible materials. Provided, however, That this provision shall not prevent any city or municipal council or board from adopting this Code immediately upon its approval.

National Building Code of the Philippines. Philippines Worldwide The Business Page. For national public buildings, curso espanhol pdf the Secretary of Public Works and Communications shall issue a certification that such a building conforms to the Code. All interior openings shall be protected as set by internationally recognized and accepted practice for dual purpose fire exit doors.

If more than persons are to be accommodated within such an area, there shall be a minimum of three exits, and for more than persons there shall be a minimum of four exits. Distance shall be measured at right angles from the property line. For the purpose of this Section, a marquee shall include by any object or decoration attached thereto. Provided, That the building shall be one-hour fire-resistive throughout.

Philippine national plumbing code pdf

National Plumbing Code fo the Philippines.pdf download

For the purpose of this Chapter, the center line of an adjoining street or alley may be considered an adjacent property line. No solder shall be used in the construction of such metal cabinets. Basement pipe inlets shall be strategically located and kept readily accessible at all times to the Fire Department.

Except, That when acetate safety film is used projection ports may be increased in size to an area not to exceed square centimeters square inches. In the second story of a two-story building of Group A Occupancy, corbeling of masonry chimneys on the exterior of the enclosing walls may equal the wall thickness.

National Plumbing Code fo the Philippines.pdf

Provided, further, That the top of the escalator opening at each story shall be provided with a draft curtain. Such protection devices shall be properly maintained in place and kept in good order for the entire length of time pedestrians may be endangered. Where such tanks are used for domestic purpose the supply pipe for such purposes shall be located at or above the center line of such tanks.

Where there is enclosed usable space shall be protected on the enclosed side as required for one-hour fire-resistive construction. For stands with seats without backrests this distance may be measured by direct line from a seat to the exit from the stand.

Exterior veneer may be of approved plastic materials and shall conform to the provisions of this Section. The maximum exit width required from any story of a building shall be maintained. Openings through stage floors shall be equipped with tight-fitting trap doors. Such sums may be necessary for the operating expenses of the Commission in succeeding fiscal years shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act.

Philippine national plumbing code pdf

Double acting doors shall not be used as a part of fire assembly, nor equipped with panic hardware. The maximum number of exits required for any story shall be maintained until egress is provided from the structure.

Provided, that such work is allowed by special permit from the Building Official and such is used only for a limited period of time. The glass panels shall be located in such a manner as to reduce the hazard of ignition caused by paint spray deposit.

Provided, That the live load shall be not less than kilograms per square meter pounds per square foot. In buildings five stories or more in height, one of the required exits shall be smokeproof enclosure. Exterior stairways shall not project into an area where openings are required to be protected. There shall be no openings directly into the interior of the building.

Philippine national plumbing code pdf

All Siamese inlet connections shall be recessed in the wall or otherwise substantially protected. Every building six more stories in height shall be equipped with one or more dry standpipes.