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PDFCreator 3.4.1

GetProfileSetting contained a bug and did not work properly. Under certain circumstances, Windows needs a reboot after installing the. Plus the regular round of smaller fixes and improvements.

For now, the interface will change in future versions. This will grow over the time. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name.

If you are using the object name, no changes will be required. We have added checks to prevent and if it should still occur catch it. This unfortunately was changed by Microsoft in an undocumented and incompatible way. Usually, this should not cause any trouble. Now the files are copied and thus get the parent folder permissions.

The title replacements are now easier to configure. Plus the usual round of small fixes. The profile setting was ignored. An exception was fixed that could occur when saving the license for all users.

You will not receive further notifications until the next version is available. The defaults for the settings were reconsidered. This required to move the project to.

When a new update is available, you now also have the option to skip this single version. Missing context menu entry. In this release, we have closed over issues from our tracker and added many improvements and fixes. This can be configured to be shown on successful and failed jobs or just for failed ones.

This is resolved automatically now. Temp files were not always released and remained in the temp folder for some time Synchronization problem with auto-save. If you need a specific language of this documentation, you can select it here.

Enhanced PrinterHelper for a more stable installation, removing and repairing of printers. Sometimes the pdfcmon had problems determining the WinStation- and Username. The output files did not always have the expected permissions, as they were moved from a temp folder. If you want to actually replace it with another value, you have to use regular expressions now. You still need to make another application the default for images to print automatically though.

When creating the folder for converted documents inside the watched folder, it was converted infinitely. When entering a password, descargar novelas romanticas en pdf unas 3500 the user immediately receives feedback regarding the password strength. Sometimes a DirectoryNotFoundException occurred when converting a file. Print jobs sometimes appeared in random order in the print queue.

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The counter token remains always unique. Improved translations for faster loading, plural forms and stable defaults. The amount of clicks a user has to perform should be reduced while moving things to the expected places.

We thought to have fixed this, but there were more conditions where this could occur. The interface itself did not change. Users will be informed transparently when the application is started for the first time. The two settings dialogs will be converted with the next release. Instead it sets the print job name.

There was a bug in HotFolder. This has now been fixed and they appear in the order they were processed in the Windows print queue. Microsoft has changed the way applications can find out which files are printable. This disappears when the Log level is set to Debug, without observable reason.

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This is not unique over reboots though. This is now detected by the setup. The old settings are migrated automatically. This has been moved to the application level. Single share link folder for Dropbox upload of multiple file documents.

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PDFCreator - Download for free download pdf printer pdf writer pdf maker

Auto save and interactive conversion are now defined as first thing when configuring a profile, as the completely changes the behaviour of the profile. If the default viewer could not be opened, other action were not executed as well.

You can configure if you want to see this screen. After converting a file, you can now optionally perform actions like opening the file or sending a mail.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all translators and to welcome the new translations Estonian, Hungarian and Romanian. This was fixed by the Ghostscript update. If you need a specific version of this documentation, you can select it here. The automatic downloader did not always clean up the downloaded setups.