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This tutorial also includes how to make card blanks and envelopes. Since the two sides of double-sided paper are meant to go together, you'll always get a color coordinated card!

Where to buy cheap and durable quilling tools in india. In such scenario, circle sizer would be handy to keep the quilled circle till they are glued. It looks like a simple paper square with a front and a back, but hidden inside is another side or face that is revealed by folding the square in half and flexing it. Each bag holds several pieces of candy, two cookies, some caramel corn or a small toy.

Select from printable Valentine's Day card patterns with either six or nine Valentines to a sheet. The flying bird has fewer folds than most origami birds. Just print, color, cut and bend to make these cute bookmarks for yourself or to give as gifts. The box is theirs to use however they wish. The hats can be the basis for a Halloween costume.

As long as you use circle sizers to make sure your rolls are the same size, and use the same length and type of paper for both earrings, they should be fine. The printable patterns come in two sizes, and in black-and-white or color. In this project, you will learn how to apply acrylic paint stencils to a small plastic flower pot. When the card is opened, a heart will spring out!

Your work is beautiful - I am so inspired! The pockets are also ideal for presents of money or gift cards.

11 DIY Paper Flower Tutorials

During quilling, when you make circle, its basic tendency is to expand. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a decorative cut edge that is enhanced with a ribbon backing. If you like my blog and the free patterns and tutorials and want to say thank you I have a wish list on ravelry of patterns click here I would like to make. And thank you for the tutorials! The basic quilling tutorials and techniques are for beginners to master the basic techniques and build a steady foundation.

They can be made with paper or cardstock. Included in the project are rules for playing Alquerque and some history about the game. The solids can be also be decorated and used as gift boxes. The pennant flags are also a nice addition to an Easter basket. They increase in size from a square or rectangular base to lid flaps that flare out from the top.

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These gift tags are quick and easy to make, while allowing for your creativity. The heart pop-ups can also be added to any handmade or commercial card. These brooches or Christmas ornaments made of pumpkin seeds will bring out the holiday cheer in all who see them. Your tutorial was very helpful.

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50 Quilling Tutorials and Techniques

In this project, see how to make your own custom scoring board that can also be used to add embossed lines to your handmade cards and scrapbook layouts. Use the pattern to make your custom-size box following instructions in the Collapsible Box craft project. Obrigada por compartilhar.

Traced fingers are the basis for this animated spider toy, and a paper fastener allows it to swivel around. The project includes printable patterns for ghosts and illustrated instructions for making the garland based on a paper chain in Halloween colors. Tissue paper suncatcher hearts look beautiful in the window, strung on a mobile, or tucked into a special handmade card. This greeting card tutorial shows how to add a cutout edge detail to your rubber stamped cards.

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Make several for your friends and family and some for yourself. It is very easy to learn too. With the wealth of images available for downloading and printing, this traditional craft is well-suited to modern times. Customize the card for other occasions by switching out the banner held by the bear.

It also makes a terrific gift or craft bazaar sale item. These suncatchers can be hung in a window, given as a gift, made into a mobile, or used as tree ornaments. These easy to make Valentines are based on hearts that are cut freehand. It will take some practice to wind with the right tension and sometimes you want it wound tightly and sometimes not so much, depending on the look of the coil you want. For silver barrettes, use dimes or nickels and mix up the coins for another look.

You have a very great blog yourself and I can see the efforts to perfection in your quilled creations. This project includes patterns for several different snowflakes, including Aunt Annie's favorites. This is an easy way to personalize any gift!

Now you can turn that loose circle coil into lots of different shapes! In this project, learn how to do Huichol-inspired yarn paintings then use the technique to make decorative plaques or to enliven the surfaces of boxes, cards, notebooks, and more. All it takes is a square of paper and a few folds to make an origami bird to decorate your present. Simple as eating a chocolate chip cookie.

One of the options uses decorative paper that you make by sponging with paint. With this adhesive you will be able to make your own stickers from ordinary paper. To start quilling, you need a paper strip and a tool. Thankyou Mitu, self sufficient living pdf these are collection of many works taken from my blog as well as other quilling blogs.

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You just brought it all back to me. You can either wrap the boxes in your favorite way or transform the carton into a house or a cuckoo clock using Aunt Annie's patterns. Make one for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The ghoulish shapes include jack-o'-lanterns, bats, spiders, cats, and ghosts that can be used to decorate windows, doors, bulletin boards, party rooms, porches, and more. It works, but you get a might tighter and neater coil if you use a proper tool. Here are all my articles about sealants, so have a look through and let me know if you have any questions!

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Combine the craft with a walk through the woods for an enjoyable fall afternoon. In this project, see how easy it is to make your own sewing cards out of cardstock, then sew on them with colorful yarn.

11 DIY Paper Flower Tutorials

50 Quilling Tutorials and Techniques

The shapes include an eagle and a rocket. Besides being festive seasonal window decorations, your egg- or bunny-shaped suncatchers can be hung from an Easter basket, tucked into a handmade Easter card, or made into a mobile! In this project, learn to play two versions of the African game of mancala. Use the holders to display your decorated eggs or to liven up plain eggs. The bookmark makes a wonderful gift, or maybe use it as a rug in a doll house.