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Metakaolin in concrete pdf

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Metakaolin in concrete pdfMetakaolin in concrete pdf

As the volume of water permeating is more obviously the water penetration also shows an increase in depths. This could be due to the fact that the pores were filled by hydration products, which would result in pore refinement leading to improved performance of the concrete Zain et al. The workability of the fresh concrete is measured by using the standard slump test apparatus.


These are then immersed in water and the weight gain was measured at regular intervals until a constant weight is reached. The total charge that passed through the concrete specimens was determined and used to evaluate the chloride penetrability of each concrete mixture. Authors Authors and affiliations P. In Properties of concrete pp.

Cement and Concrete Research. Metakaolin concrete at a low water to binder ratio. Diagnosis and assessment of concrete structures-state of the art report.

Splitting tensile strength and elastic modulus values have also followed the same trend. It is evident that the pozzolanic reaction combined with filler effect contributed to the reduction of the porosity of the concrete. Therefore, as the percentage replacement increases flocculation becomes more predominant.

The maximum depth of penetration under the test area was determined using vernier caliper and recorded it to the nearest millimetre. The average compressive strength of three specimens was considered for each age.

The durability of concrete depends primarily on its permeability, which defines the resistance to the penetration of aggressive agents. All the specimens were tested on saturated surface dry condition.

The absorption of concrete indirectly represent the porosity, through an understanding of the permeable voids and its inter-connectivity. According to these results, concretes obtained had high slump values, highly cohesive and can be easily pumpable. Concrete with particular properties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Metakaolin in concrete pdf

Rate of pozzolanic reaction of metakaolin in high-performance cement pastes. Strength estimation model for high-strength concrete incorporating metakaolin and silica fume. Improving strength, drying shrinkage, saturday mcewan pdf and pore structure of concrete using metakaolin.

It can be observed that as the compressive strength increases, the tensile strength also increases. Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.

This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. High strength composite cement. The specific gravities of aggregates were determined experimentally. All the specimens were cast on mechanical vibration table.

Metakaolin in concrete pdf

It has also been used successfully for the development of high strength self compacting concrete using mathematical modeling Dvorkin et al. British Standards Institution. Development of high performance concrete using silica fume at relatively high water-binder ratios. Depth of penetration of water under pressure.

Minerals that are rich in kaolinite are known as china clay or kaolin, traditionally used in the manufacture of porcelain. Properties of high strength concrete using a fine fly ash. Relative strength, pozzolanic activity and cement hydration in superplasticised metakaolin concrete.

Silica fume in high strength concrete. The temperature of dehydroxylation depends on the structural layer stacking order. Upon discharging from the mixer, the slump test was conducted on the fresh properties for each mixture. Therefore the use of metakaoiln proves economical over that of silica fume.

The experimental setup used for this study was shown in Fig. However, this product is rather expensive. The T-O clay mineral kaolinite does not contain interlayer cations or interlayer water. The test is performed on two side surfaces of each of the cubes, and it is ensured that there is no leakage at any point through the gasket. The following conclusion can be drawn from the current study.

The strength f ck is correlated with E as shown in Fig. The relationship between compressive strength f ck and split tensile strength f sp can be expressed as below from Fig. Durability of metakaolin concrete. The fresh concrete was placed into the steel cube moulds and compacted on a vibrating table. International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials.

Metakaolin in concrete pdf