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Volkswagen Amarok Transmission. From a number of Jetta five-door station wagon was produced Bora Bora Variant. Page The airbag system can be activated only once. Page Get professional assistance immediately Stop!

To reduce the risk of losing control, crashes, and serious personal injuries, never loosen the screws on rims with threaded rim rings. Always sit properly at all times before starting to drive and while the vehicle is moving. If the vehicle has accelerated and goes faster than the stored speed for a longer time. Wash road salt and brake dust off alloy wheels, and clean the wheels with an acid- free detergent.

Regularly check the ground underneath your vehicle for this reason. This can damage the camera lens.

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Volkswagen Jetta Workshop Repair Manuals Free Download PDF

Press your thumb on the top part of the Volkswagen emblem on the luggage compartment lid, and flip lower part of the emblem outward. Never put floor mats or other floor coverings on top of already installed floor mats. Page A roof rack could come loose while driving and fall off the roof of the vehicle.

Owner s Manuals

Page Storage compartment in the front center armrest Fig. Open the appropriate fuse box, Fuses in the vehicle. The stated values may vary, depending upon different equipment or models, as well as with respect to special vehicles and vehicles exported to different countries.

Press the button to move the seat forward electrically. Depending on your vehicle's equipment and options, the icon may still be displayed even after the ignition is switched off as long as the key has not been taken out of the ignition. Neutral Transmission is in Neutral position. Luggage Compartment Cover Luggage compartment cover Fig.

To help prevent damage to the seat upholstery, always make sure your clothing is colorfast. Moving the seat back Press the button to move the seat back to its original position. Page Regular and expert care helps to preserve the value of your vehicle. The tire complies with the requirements of the United States Department of Transportation, responsible for issuing safety standards.

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This happens only when the low or high beams are on when the windshield wiper lever is pulled towards the steering wheel. The power sunroof will now close without pinch protection! Such expert care may also be one of the requirements of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty if corrosion repair or repainting is necessary.

Always keep the luggage compartment lid closed while driving to help keep poisonous exhaust fumes from being drawn into the vehicle. Safety belts offer optimum protection only when the seat backrest is upright and belts are correctly positioned on the body. Have the damaged wheel replaced as soon as possible. Page Always use a jack that has been approved by the manufacturer for your vehicle.

Volkswagen Corrado Repair Manual. Volkswagen Sharan Sistema Electrico. Make sure that the door is locked. Is unleaded fuel with the right octane rating readily available? Volkswagen does not recommend installing a trailer hitch on your vehicle.

Page The tire valve gaskets must be replaced whenever a tire is mounted on the rim. Always secure objects with suitable straps.

All passenger car tires must conform to Federal Safety Requirements in addition to these grades. The factory-installed tires may be summer, winter, or all-season tires.

Volkswagen Vento Workshop Repair Manuals. Volkswagen Corrado Workshop Manuals. Select Units in the instrument cluster display in the Settings main menu, panduan photoshop pdf Volkswagen Information System.

Volkswagen Jetta Workshop Repair Manuals Free Download PDF

Snow Chains The tire taken off the rear axle can then be used to replace the flat front tire. In addition to the increased trunk, the new car differed in some details of the front part. Do not fill above the top edge of the filling range! Repeated or prolonged exposure to electrolyte fluid can irritate the respiratory system, especially among people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Get fresh air immediately by leaving the vehicle or, if that is not possible, open windows and doors all the way. The emergency release is located under the selector gate cover on the right side when viewed in the driving direction. Page Emergency closing of the power sunroof Fig. If you buy a ball mount and ball, make sure that they meet the following specifications. Volkswagen Polo Workshop Repair Manuals.

Volkswagen Owners Manuals

PDF Car Owners Manuals

Background lighting When the ignition and headlights are switched on, the background lighting in the roof console lights There may also be footwell lighting. Ply separation A parting of rubber compound between adjacent plies. Switching lights on and off Fig. Be especially careful when using jumper cables. Selector lever positions The selector lever position is shown both on the side of the selector lever and in the instrument cluster display.

The window stops again if there is resistance. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Volkswagen Crafter Workshop Manuals. These vehicle areas can contain important parts of the airbag system. If the tongue weight is too low, the vehicle and trailer will not handle as well.

Page The fuel filler flap is on the right rear side of the vehicle. If you put any amount of incorrect fuel in the fuel tank, do not start the engine under any circumstances. Volkswagen Taro Workshop Manual.

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Page Leaving the key in the ignition for a long time when the engine is not running will drain the vehicle battery. Trailer Towing Obey country-specific requirements about trailer towing and trailer hitches. Cruise Control Operation Cruise control operation Fig.

Never short-circuit the electrical system. An improperly installed, incorrect, or damaged trailer hitch can cause the trailer to separate from the towing vehicle and cause serious personal injuries.