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Check the cable in the indicated connector. Next Go Back Lift the roller out of the mailbox.

Next Go Back Is the cable properly connected? Go Back Is the sheet drawer assembly free of damage or obstruction? Rotate the developer input gear clockwise until the tab H is up against the tab on the larger gear J. Page Lift the bottom of the staging assembly and then rock it back to free it from the frame. Previous Next Go Back Feed the cable through the slot in the system board cage and the clip.

Align the printhead to the printer frame until the gaps between the printhead and the four slots in the frame are as equal as possible. Check the input Replace the input sensor. For each color, bosch benvenuto b20 bedienungsanleitung pdf the print cartridge engages the photoconductor so it is in contact with the surface.

For more information, read our Cookies page. Hold the left anti-tip latch assembly to prevent it from falling off after removing the screws. Clear paper path for obstructions. Previous Next Go Back Clip the cable tie, and route the cables through the frame. The black plane is aligned to the printer, and the color planes are aligned to black.

Choose additional Lexmark solutions to fit your unique workflow needs. Lexmark C Administrator's Manual pages. The sheet drawer assembly remains. Flip the green handles forward and pull out the waste toner container. Some menu items may not be available based on the printer model or the options installed.

Previous Gently lay the printer on its back. You might need to use a flat-blade screwdriver to carefully pry the gears from the posts. Simulate a paper jam by obstructing the Next pass thru sensor.

Understanding The Home Screen Understanding the home screen Previous Buttons appearing on the home screen may vary depending on home screen customization settings. Page Disconnect all cables from the system board. Be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum. Check for damaged printer caster. Page Lift the rail out of the printer.

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Disconnect the pick assembly connector A from the drive assembly. Check printer installation placement. Page Attach the three mounting brackets loosely to the printhead.

Lexmark C792 Printer Frequently-viewed manuals

Grasp the jammed paper on each side, and then gently pull it out. Next Go Back Insert the shaft into the hole. Check the media transfer route. Make sure the cartridge is fully pushed in.

Previous Next Go Back This is the photo of the sheet high-capacity feeder jam clearance cover. Check the cable for damage. Replace the near narrow media sensor. Some options may not be available for all models.

C792 Series

These options are not compatible with any other Lexmark printer. Lexmark Dot Matrix Manual pages.


Previous Next Go Back Disconnect the cable from the beacon card. Otherwise Next the belt will move to the requested position.

Page Release the lift drive motor cable from the cable guide A. Next Go Back Is the cable connected correctly? Fuse Previous Once the image has been fully transferred to the paper, the transfer roll helps move the paper into the fuser area. Check the redrive bubble sensor flag redrive assembly.

Lexmark C792 Manuals & User Guides

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Page Slide the rod toward the front of the printer to free the rear side. Professional Color Matching Your brand means everything. Page Release the cord with a prying tool.

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