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There was no one, only the placid tabby cat gazing at me from under the shelter of the eaves. Without the solid earth beneath my feet, my stomach grew even queasier. Then my mind began to react. Half the yard was eclipsed from my view. He was just testing your mettle.

Nor did it leave off when two men in leather jerkins and helmets strode onto the stage. Bright and others speak of London in tones usually reserved for talk of the Heavenly City.

Pope clucked his tongue incredulously. Chimbly sweep, mistress, from bottom to top. But I was still nervous about being discovered, and jumped at every sound.

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Smashwords The Kiss Stealer a book by Pepper Pace

Into the half I could see stepped a man with a large white splotch on one shoulder of his dark brown doublet. The man who played Laertes came into the room and struck up a conversation with Sander. Before long, my limbs began to ache.

If anyone seems l-lost for a line, f-feed them a few words. In truth, I suppose I knew him better than I knew anyone in the world. My existence there, which had never been so much to begin with, went steadily downhill.

He thrust my bundle of clothing into my arms. It was no use protesting that I had never set foot in a boat in my life, and did not care to now, or that if the craft were to capsize I would be lost, for I had never learned to swim. On the other side of the room, two players were dancing a jig to a tune played on an hautboy.

Between the two lay more buildings than a man could count. As I hesitated, unsure whether I would look more like a fool by picking it up or by letting it lie, Julian suddenly stepped between us, his stick at broad ward. My eyes were on Falconer, not on my footing.

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Falconer took them two at a time. Swallowing hard, I copied out the message in my best hand, as slowly as I reasonably might. On his left cheek, an ugly raised scar ran all the way from the corner of his eye into the depths of his dark beard. Armin said, in a perfectly civil tone. The trees edged in and threatened to claim the very road.

The Kiss Stealer

You might as well go right up on stage. As I stared at it, the bells in its square steeple rang the hour of compline. Sander pulled up the bucket of whitewash. The book keeper keeps it under lock and key. He blinked at me owlishly, polymer processing pdf as if not certain he had heard me properly.

It was obvious at once that this would be no leisurely task, as copying those sermons back in Yorkshire had been. As Libby pushed the door shut, she sent me an encouraging wink. Within the world of the play, he had been a shabby, half-drunk clown. The fact is, I opened a door into his head.

The Kiss Stealer

Prentices were too lowly to even deserve mention. He waved me away with an impatient gesture, as if I still stank, though I had done my best to wash thoroughly.

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My legs felt uncertain, and my foot still pained me. Now someone, sooner or later, will pry this Tragedy of Hamlet from the hands of its poet, Mr. Before we quite entered the town, we turned off the road and down a narrow lane to a substantial house surrounded by a high hedge. Finally he dug a penny from his purse and handed it to me.

The roar of voices and the smell of closely packed bodies were overpowering and unremitting. Though I kept a wary eye on the thieves, he did not deign to glance back even once. Would you c-care to explain why? There were no sullen students lined up on benches with slates in their hands.

He would glare at me and tell me to wait and see. The girl looked me over curiously. In my poor parish, most of what we used came from the farms roundabout. About Berwick, the woods were tame.

As we passed behind the stage, I glanced furtively about for the incriminating table-book. But he would not have hesitated to beat me, and heavily.

The Shakespeare Stealer

He had written nothing since, so far as I knew, except his weekly sermons. The other boys were well behaved, except for staring at me, the newcomer. It was soft, swampy land, drained by half a dozen deep ditches, which we crossed on wooden footbridges. When night fell, we were once more beset by woods on either hand, and no settlement in sight before or behind.

The player held up a hand to stay him. Then he devoured the last of his meal and rose. Players stood or sat in odd corners, talking to themselves, making curious faces and sudden gestures, for all the world like residents of a madhouse.

Smashwords The Kiss Stealer a book by Pepper Pace

So I had no further chance to carry off the script. It might have been worse, of course. He was, in fact, no gentleman at all. Until today, there had been but one set of demands upon me. He had studied physick at Cambridge and practiced in the city of London before coming north to Yorkshire.