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Marion lives in South Lanarkshire with her teenage son. In addition Alan is a board member of a number of community based organisations in North East Glasgow.

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Elaine brings a passion for the best experience for every student, her own track record in this area, and knowledge of what is happening in the wider education sector. She found that Community Education was key and underpinned all her political and community work to date. As a member of the Board of Management, he is keen that the skills he has developed and the experience he has gained will demonstrate his positive commitment to students. Board Effectiveness and Self Evaluation. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys arts and cultural activities.

However, the link between R s and R x R par is included in the potential measurement part of the circuit and therefore can affect the accuracy of the result. Clark is from Clackmannanshire and has had a varied career background as an estate agent, purchase officer and in adult education as well as spending time as a student in between his employment. In her spare time, Laura has a keen interest in fitness.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He also believes that the Board of Management should seek to enhance the reputation of the Glasgow Kelvin College as a Centre of Excellence in Learning and Communities.

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In use, a current is passed between the current terminals, but the volt drop across the resistor is measured at the potential terminals. This equation is the same as for the functionally equivalent Wheatstone bridge. The bridge potential connections are merely connected as close to the resistor terminals as possible. Clark currently works in adult education specialising in adult literacy and numeracy. Suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

She is a football fan and her main hobbies are travelling, keeping fit and spending time with family and friends. Kelvin Grove Urban Village. She attended Glasgow University and, after graduating, worked in the electronics industry. He also enjoys socialising with friends and is a keen supporter of St. Academic Board Committee Meeting Papers.

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We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The accuracy of measurements made using this bridge are dependent on a number of factors. Douglas Wilson, Independent Clerk. In his spare time, William devotes his time to his month daughter, Anna Sophia. These resistances have a pair of current terminals and a pair of potential or voltage terminals.

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Members of the Board serve on a voluntary basis, without remuneration, take an active interest in the work of the College and attend various college events. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Alan started his career in education with Strathclyde Regional Council in community education before joining the former Central College of Commerce. Elizabeth Robertson brings a wealth of experience to the Board from her involvement over the years in the areas of partnership working and employability. Living currently in Glasgow, he is very active and keen to help others in any way he can.

In electric trams commenced operations along Kelvin Grove Road, running to the city. That bridge is the Kelvin bridge. It is primarily residential with tree-lined streets and some commercial and light industrial activities along its main thoroughfare, piano theory workbook pdf Kelvin Grove Road. This current does not flow through the measuring bridge itself.

Born in Glasgow, Rob developed a career in organisational development, education, learning technologies and contract, programme and project management. Eileen is a keen hillwalker, cyclist and any activity which takes her outdoors.

Board of Management for Glasgow Kelvin College - includes Meeting Minutes

Elizabeth Robertson - Vice Chair. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. He is also a keen football fan and supporter of Aberdeen Football Club.

Kelvin bridge

Dr Elaine Clafferty is a chartered electronic and electrical engineer with a doctorate in engineering education. Elaine was born in Edinburgh and brought up on the south side of Glasgow, she continues to live in south east Glasgow. In such resistors, the resistance of the connecting wires or terminals is negligible compared to the resistance value. After various paid roles he was appointed as Executive Director in where he still is employed. Any measurement will then exclude all circuit resistance not within the two potential connections.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stephen believes the Board of Management should provide an effective and positive governance function and an informed contribution to planned strategic development. In his current role he specialises in relationship management, educational technology and software, programme and contract management, training and product embedding. If the difference in ratio is small enough, then the last term of the balance equation above becomes small enough that it is negligible.

Papers relating to the Board of Management are published on this website after meetings. As a Board Member, Anne aims to inspire others and show that College Education and Community Education are key and help change lives and communities for the better.

Instruments for measuring sub-ohm values are often referred to as low-resistance ohmmeters, milli-ohmmeters, micro-ohmmeters, etc. Bryan Ross was born in Invergordon. Elaine is very interested in diet and healthy eating and grows her own fruit and vegetables in her garden. She has connections with a wide range of networks, locally, nationally and internationally.

His main hobby is Bridge which he plays competitively in national competitions within Scotland. Schering Bridge Wien bridge.

Australian Bureau of Statistics. Eileen O'Neil, Co-opted Member. Measurement accuracy is also increased by setting the current flowing through R s and R x to be as large as the rating of those resistors allows.

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