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How do I know which trains in the timetable are included in my Eurail Pass? Night trains always require a reservation.

There are some trains that don't appear in the Eurail timetable. Popular routes Venice Rome. The national railway company of Italy is known as the Trenitalia. Venice - Munich Learn more.

New connections to and from Naples! Your friends might tell you that the only way to see Italy is by car, but you won't be bored with the places you can see by train over a month's period.

To exercise this right, please click here. View alternative travel options between France, Italy and Spain. Take home red Brunello wine from Montalcino in Tuscany, sparkling Prosecco from the Veneto and Parmesan and olive oil from local delis.

The Thomas Cook Timetable contains schedules for every major route in Europe and is an invaluable aid for those traveling Europe extensively. Select the cities you would like to visit on the map and build your itinerary. Ancona The Port of happiness Learn more. You'll get to watch the scenery go by, work, or jabber with fellow passengers and tourists while the miles fly by.

First, find the trains you want to travel on in the Timetable. If you prefer a printed timetable, you can order one here.

A Guide to Traveling Italy by Train

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If this happens to you check our list of alternative routes for French trains. Contact our support team for any further questions!

Fill in a third station and instead of searching for direct routes from A to B, the timetable will now search for a route via C. How do I use the timetable?

An additional source for detailed schedules is the Rail Information Center. Train tickets for trains operating in Italy can be booked in advance. For additional trips, search again.

Visit Trainose -Train connections between Serbia and Greece. Overview of reservation fees.

Tips on using the Eurail timetable

Find Train Tickets in Italy. Find European train times with the Eurail timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. How long will your trip last?

Trains on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are generally slower than trains on the continent. Rome - Innsbruck Learn more. Some travelers like to have the tickets for these trains in their pockets before they leave for their vacation without having to deal with a ticket agent who only speaks Italian. If you're looking for the station nearest to your hotel, you can use Google Maps to find it. For example, say you're traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, but would like to visit Brussels along the way.

Book your journey in Italy. You would have to travel a long way each of your four travel days to make the Italy Rail Pass a worthwhile investment. Trains between France, wpf recipes in c 2008 pdf Italy and Spain can sometimes become full.

Still, if you don't speak Italian, you may opt for the convenience of a rail pass. The orange lines are only suitable for slower trains. International trains connect Italy with neighbouring countries such as France and Switzerland. The Eurail timetable also shows trains that aren't covered by the Eurail Pass. It gives you an offline timetable for all European trains.

The fare rules for each train indicate whether seat reservations are necessary. However, the timetable lists Venice Mestre first, as this is the station most night trains go to.

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Helpful tips and seating options. French trains can become fully booked.

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