With the form, prospective employees must provide documents that prove their eligibility to work. That is because to fill out the form the employer must look at the identity document s and work authorization documents of each person hired. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has jurisdiction over employers with fifteen or more employees.

Finally, the forms make it easier for immigration authorities to review the workers and the work authorizations of any workplace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With respect to hiring, firing, recruitment or referral for a fee by employers with four or more employees, employers may not treat individuals differently because they are or are not U.

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Instead, employers should encourage that employee to bring the acceptable documents which are under the List A, B and C. Employees who supply an item from List B to establish identity must also supply an item from List C to establish employment eligibility. Not all versions are valid for use. Once completed, the form has to be filed by the employer. Victims may obtain various types of relief including job relief and back pay.

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However, permanent residents who do not apply for naturalization within six months of eligibility are not protected from citizenship status discrimination. We have no connection to U. First, it ensures that employers look at and examine employment authorization and other important identity documents when hiring a new worker. Citizenship status discrimination which is otherwise required to comply with law, regulation, executive order or government contract is permissible by law.

Information from these documents must be entered onto the form and a list of the documents employers need to look at is listed right on the form. Instead, the employer is required to keep the form on file. This website is run by a private company. This does not apply to already presented and accepted non-expired U. Employees who supply an item from List C to establish employment eligibility must also supply an item from List B to establish identity.

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Passports or Permanent Resident Cards when they reach their expiration date, nor to any List B documents e. It provides staff to speak at outreach events throughout the country, and has free informational brochures, hp color laserjet cp2025 service manual.pdf posters and tapes for distribution.

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USCIS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification