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Elijah's father was also named Elijah G. The document also states that Elijah was deceased. Elijah and Catherine are believed to have been in Greene County, freedom struggle of india quiz book pdf Arkansas in the s.

William lived with them and they moved to Arkansas a couple of years later. If Ben and Joe are the sons of Isaac rather than William Aaron, we still must identity them as documented individuals. Not sure whether this indicates James, Sr. Francis next appears on the Jackson County, Alabama, census. The individuals named here are readily identifiable.

The application states that Francis was then a resident of Hempstead County. Patrick and James Sanders appear on the list of people paying taxes in Anson County.

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William Sanders presumably William Moses was a witness. Vaughn adjoining Moses Sanders on Grove River. James is appointed constable in Mountain Creek district.

Also, one of the Josh Sanders may be unmarried if the female living with him is not his wife. Genealogical research is always an ongoing and unfinished project. Autosomal testing and newly discovered paper documentation confirmed that the participant was a descendant of Stephen C. The Fairfax line goes back to Lewis Sanders, a Scottish immigrant who came to America about the first decade of the eighteenth century. Most likely, based on the residence of related family members, he was born in the northeastern part of Montgomery County close to the border with Randolph County.

One of my uncles on my mother's side, and my grandfather and my grandmother on my mother's side. It is also believed that Lucrecia was the daughter of William Sanders and Martha Sanders because she appears in their household in the Jackson County census. Isaac at one time had owned property in Montgomery County, where he appears on the tax list. There is no clear family indication among the descendants of John or his brother Isaac as to the identity of their parents, so family tradition is useless in this context. It's not clear whether he served after that.

The drunken sailor Klimek. Oigan al modo del sacris solemniis. My tentative conclusion is that they were first cousins and that family tradition was garbled in some way. Click on icon to return to Index.

Carroll Jackson Brewer stated in his deposition to the Southern Claims Commission about that he had a half-niece who was married to John Sanders. He first appears in Jackson County in when he marries Ann Sanders. Joseph Sanders appears on th U. Complicating matters even more is the assertion by some of the Peter Sanders researchers that Benjamin born married Polly Moody. An alternative theory, suggested by Cal Reinecke, to whom I am indebted for much of this information, is that this Benjamin married Polly, who then died in the mid s and then Benjamin married Mary.

Chain of Fools

Another reason to give credence to this theory is the close friendship between John's nephew Jesse Sanders and Levi Lindsey Sanders, who was a grandson of Benjamin, Sr. By occupation he was a blacksmith and he probably followed that occupation while in the army. Sanders who married Elizabeth Berry. He was the son of Francis and Rachel Sanders.

William receives several land grants in Montgomery County on Rocky Creek. So, to continue with the possibility that Peter of Wright was son of Francis, the brother of the Reverend Moses, how did Peter and Michelle meet?

Everything makes sense without any connection to Peter Sanders at all. Sanders and the husband of his step daughter J. It reached number one on the U. After they were married they returned to Crowley Ridge and received the family blessing. In fact, there is some evidence of a family tradition that Phoebe Sanders, the wife of Jesse Sanders, was the daughter of Joseph Sanders who died in in Randolph County, North Carolina.

Likewise, some of the articles at this site may also contain material about Sanders that are not related to me. Peter, therefore, belongs to the Sanders of Randolph and Montgomery group.

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This James Winningham had a daughter named Nancy. Note also that there is a son Sevier L. Josphua Craven and Benjamin Marmon appointed committee to settle. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. We don't know her parents, but she almost certainly is related to Isaac, though probably not his daughter.

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Ewing, Greville - Edinburgh Burials. Immer Bean was married to Sarah Sanders, one of Isaac's sisters. Sewell Family Story - The Beginning. Sanders and his family were living nearby, having moved to Montgomery in the s.

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