Citroen Saxo Owners Manual Pdf

Compress the suspension to obtain the calculated values. Do not use any tool to detach the ball- joints.


Impossible to peg the camshaft. Lift and support the vehicle, wheels hanging.

Vehicles equipped with non-ventilated brake discs. Raise and support the vehicle with the rear wheels hanging free. Drain the brake fluid reservoir as empty as possible using a syringe. Rotate the crankshaft six times clockwise.

To avoid problems with starting from cold, use this oil as allo- wed by the climatic conditions in the country concerned see table. Disconnect the brake fluid warning lamp connector. Removing the gear lever knob.

Citroen Electrical Wiring Diagrams

The declutch control has a declutch fork mounted on a ball-joint. The pegging hole is located under the crankshaft bearing cap cover. This operation enables you to position all the pegs in their respective pegging points. The antiroll bar is located inside the tube of the rear axle.

Upper integrated air inlet distributor. Engine at running temperature. Do not expose the cartridge, the filter and seals to pollutants. Disconnect the battery negative terminal See corresponding operation.

Carry out the necessary repairs. Respect the belt-fitting direction.

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Vehicle at reference height. Raise and support the vehicle on a two-column lift. No pressure or outside force should be brought to bear on the timing belt. Observations way connector.

Rotate the crankshaft ten times normal direction of rotation. If it is not correct, repeat the operation to tension the timing belt see corresponding operation.

Citroen Saxo Owners Manual

The bottom plastic casing. Engine at running tempe- rature. The power steering system on vehicles without aircon is supplied by a mechanical pump driven by the accessories drive belt. In some instances, this information could concern the security and safety of the vehicle. Observations Components Supplier Part No.

The front of the vehicle must be raised in order to be towed. Respect the direction belt was fitted. The steering assembly is secured to the bulkhead. Systematically replace the timing belt.

Citroen Saxo Owners Manual

Length of the steering track rods Rack travel between the centre lines of the ball-joints. Engine type Engine with filter change Between Min.

Citroen Saxo Owners ManualCitroen Electrical Wiring Diagrams

The gearbox is lubricated for life. Configuration, Initialisation pedal continued Downloading. Respect the safety and cleanliness specific to high pressure diesel injection engines.

Specifications, adjustments, hospital english pdf checks and special features of citroen private vehicles pages. Saxo diesel with aircon Description. Disconnect the battery negative cable. Concerns vehicles equipped with aircon without temperature regulation.

Only petrol versions are available. Never place the gearbox on its lower casing risk of deforming the tray and damaging the hydraulic valve block.

When checking the suspensions, the vehicle should be at reference height. Vehicle without air conditioning.

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If the belt is to be reused, measure the tension before removal. The fixings of the pipe linking the power steering pump with the rotary valve. The air vent aperture can be used for filling.