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They allow in-flight tweaking of the curves for ideal setup. Repeat steps above to set percentages. Cyclic pitch is typically called elevator.

Typically used to power transmitter and receiver. Transmitter band may only be changed by changing the module. Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery. To install, line up the connector pins with the socket in the rear of the module and gently snap into position. Longer run times but more specific peak charging requirements.

Chp 108 pdf

Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery. This function can be set for each flight condition, and is used to correct the tendency of the model to change altitude when the rotor is tilted by aileron, elevator, and other controls. When right rudder is applied, additional torque is needed from the motor to drive the tail left. In addition, a separate collective pitch curve is available for throttle hold.

Cyclic roll is typically called aileron. Optional separate trims in addition to those for the normal condition.

The Normal flight condition is typically utilized for hovering. Many other setup examples are also available at this location.

Static discharges can destroy expensive components. By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, you can quickly select the correct model, and minimize the chance of flying the wrong model memory which could lead to a crash. This prevents pushrod jamming due to idling trim changes. Each T is actually a two-direction switch.

Recheck all work before you apply power to the unit. Aircraft Frequencies This is a brief explanation of range test.

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No more fussing with getting trim in just the right spot for landings or take offs! Gyros And Governors As you ease off the rudder, the gain increases again, minimizing tail wag and keeping the model straight.

Be very careful flying in areas near power lines, tall buildings, or communication facilities as there may be radio interference in their vicinity. Application, Export And Modification Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required. Some diagnostic functions do not apply to all models or to all markets.

It is commonly used to practice auto-rotation. Repeat steps above to set low rate. The presentation or sale of this manual to any individual or firm does not constitute authorization, certification or. There are a variety of reasons you might want to use these mixes.

If you are in the wrong model memory, servos may be reversed, and travels and trims will be wrong, leading to an immediate crash. Throttle-needle Where next? Avoid plugging multiple extensions together to attain your desired length.

Chp 108 pdf

Optional extended data storage module. Common name for certain types of aerobatic maneuvers.

The data provided is believed to be accurate and applicable to the unit s indicated on the cover. Discharge any static electricity your body may have. Not operating quite like you expected? Before flying, or even starting the engine, be sure that the model type and name appearing on the display matches the model that you are about to fly! Should any discrepancy appear to exist, please.


If you must fly away from a club field, be sure there are no other modelers flying within a three-to-five-mile range, or you may lose control of your aircraft or cause someone else to lose control. This function allows you to execute snap rolls by flipping a switch, providing the same input every time. Left rudder requires less torque.

This function is used to automatically change the trim of a helicopter, for example, when transitioned from hover to flying at high speed. The name of the model memory you are copying into is displayed for clarity.


The movement is largest at idle and disappears at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks. Integrated sensor and control circuit make it easy to mount. Newer battery technology than Ni-Cd. The necessary elevator offset varies with model geometry, so it must be determined by noting collective pitch changes at high speed.

Modifications are, therefore, inevitable. For more in-depth specifics on receiver antenna mounting, additional checks if unsatisfactory rage is demonstrated, range checking with gasoline powered engines, etc, miracles stuart wilde free pdf please see our F.

If your gyro does not include stick priority, you can manually create it. See Battery care and charging. For aerobatics, gyros on rudder and elevator fix over-rotation of snaps and spins as well as tail wagging in stall turns. The research, engineering, and.