Catia Sweep Tutorial Pdf

You can also apply laws created with the Knowledge Advisor workbench to swept surfaces. Clicking on preview cqtia in the swept surface as shown. Moreover, it can automatically detect planer surfaces if they exist in the swept surface.

You can define relimiters points or planes in order to longitudinally reduce the domain of the sweep, if the swept surface is longer than necessary for example. This task shows how to create a swept surface that uses an explicit profile. This anchor point is the origin of the axis system that is associated with the profile. However, the resulting surface is not based on the laid guide curve but on the initial guide curve.


This check box allows you to compute automatically the regular shapes like cylinders, cones, and spheres. Select the X-axis inverted check box to invert the x-axis orientation while tutoril the y-axis unchanged. The Connection strategy drop-down list enables you to choose the connection mode for the filled areas.

Check Tutotial cutters on Preview and click Preview. Let's take an example by creating a swept surface with an implicit linear profile. Deselect Fill dweep areas.

Select the end point of the guiding curve to create another section. Note that if a spine is added by tutroial userswep extrapolation and trim operations are not performed. The profile position may be fixed with respect to the guide curve positioned profile or user-defined in the first sweep plane. If this mode also fails, no connection strategy is applied.

These parameters allow you to position the profile in the first sweep plane. Do as said above, pmi ball screw catalogue pdf and select the Adaptive sweep tool from the surfaces tool bar or from the pull down menu bar. Tangency discontinuous sweeep with non connex swept segments the sweep is not created. Tutorial surfacf Creating knurl in SolidWorks? Learn from thousands of free Tutorials Join the Community.


This tutorial illustrates how to model an earphone using surfacing methods. The orange arrow corresponds to the current solution. If you have not manually moved any cutter, and if you replace the main guide of the sweep, the twisted areas are filled with the defined setback.

In this case, the guiding curve sweepp lie completely on this reference surface, except if it is a plane. Indeed one of the axes H or V is defined as tangent to the reference surface. If needed, select a second guide curve. Selecting a Reference Surface is optional.

The implicit profile is a sketch and as such supports the creation of associative sketch elements over multi-cell surfaces. Specify the x-axis of the positioning axis system by either selecting a line or specifying a rotation angle.



This may be necessary when small discontinuities are detected with regards to the spine tangency or the reference surface's normal. Click the Line profile icon and choose the With reference surface subtype. Five guide curves subtype. If you modify the length value after clicking Previewand the swept surface to be generated has no twisted area, the generated swept surface will still be cut. The profile is swept out in planes normal to the spine.

Specify an anchor point on the profile by selecting a point. Tangency discontinuous spine with connex swept segments the sweep is created.

Relimiters can be selected on a closed curve curve, spine, or default spine. This option is not available with With tangency surface subtype. Use these manipulators to delimit the portions of the swept surface you want to keep. If the spine presents a curvature continuity, the surface presents at least a tangency continuity. In the swept surface dialog box, select the explicit as profile type and With two guide curves as the subtype.

If the plane normal to the spine intersects one of the guiding curves at different points, it is advised to use the closest point to the spine point for coupling. With reference surface With two guide curves With pulling direction. If the generated surface is composed of several unconnected part, the Multi-result management dialog box opens. Previewing The Angular Value. If you have any problem struggling with that even after my efforts, just let me know.

Whatever the type of sweep, whenever a value is requested angle or length you can click Law to display the Law Definition dialog box. The generated surface is therefore composed of several unconnected parts.

Note that if a spine is added by the userthe extrapolation and trim operations are not performed. These are the cleats worn in by Luis Suarez and Mohamed Salah, among others. In our example, may you wish to define a reference surface, select the xy plane. You v relimit the default spine, thus avoiding to split it to create the swept surface.


This is what we finally got! Detecting Canonical Portions for Surfaces. The x-axis is aligned with the reference surface. Otherwise, caia cutters define a cutting zone. These are the things needed to know before you get started and create your own.

Otherwise, the cutters define a cutting zone. You can stack the creation of the elements by using the contextual menu available in either field.

Deselect Fill twisted areas. This task shows you how to create swept surfaces that use an explicit profile. How to model Earphone in SolidWorks? Select the Sweep surface tool from the surfaces toolbar. The Add cutter button allows you to create cutters on the main guide of the sweep.

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