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Reducing bush- ings join a pipe of one size to a pipe of a smaller size. Don't use more propellant than specified. This idea, called volumetric displacement, is the first step Archimedes made toward his initial understanding of the concept of buoyancy, which is often referred to as the Archi- medes Principle. Use strong thread and plenty of stitches per inch. Various concoctions were mixed together and hurled over the walls and gates of enemy fortifications.

Backyard Ballistics proudly wears the mantle of those books and fits the needs of the present time. This book will be indispensable for the legions of backyard watergunners, model-rocket launchers, magic bullets.pdf and fireworks fanatics who wish every day was the fourth of July.

After ignition, the rocket launches into uncontrolled flight. Use scissors to trim off the torn end squarely. The rapidly accelerating gas is powerful enough to reduce rock to rubble or flatten buildings for demolition. This unpredictability adds to the fun, but be aware that this is an experiment where everybody gets wet. When you jump on the bladder, the air pressure shoots the rocket high into the air.

That force, the shortening of the tubing, is perpendicular to the flinger's line of fire. It was derived from his theoretical work on potential and kinetic energy and summarizes how mechanical springs work. This section tells you what you need to know in order to make safe and secure joints. If there was a castle around, chances are Richard would find a reason to besiege it. This project modifies a two-liter soda bottle with fins and a rubber stopper.

Check the rubber tubing for nicks and wear each time you shoot. The first law of motion tells us that after the potato is launched, it will continue to shoot forward until another force stops it. This device propelled solid hunks of rock in rapid succession. The potato stops moving only when the frictional force of the air and ground slow the potato and eventually stop it.

When you try this experiment, you'll be playing with fire. Place the rocket on the wooden block and insert the straightened wire hangers into the attached soda straw guides so that they touch the wooden base. How far will the match rocket fly? It can be difficult to fold the kite so that the newspaper's edges align perfectly, but it is very important to get them as close together as you can.

The Industrial Revolution changed this. In this section, we expand on that idea and build a high- performance, homemade, pneumatic-powered missile.

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The spud gun imparts a big acceleration during the time the potato moves through the barrel of the cannon. The gaseous mixture expands quickly and pushes against everything as it expands. The potato cannon shoots with enough force to cause injury. Keep nonparticipants out of the area in which you're working. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Floating gently on the dense night air, the Cincinnati fire kite demonstrates the principles of buoyancy and lighter- than-air aeronautics. The mortar can be two to three cans in length. The mortar must be on the ground. The king had commissioned his royal goldsmith to cre- ate a new and irregularly shaped crown from pure gold.

Therefore, all projects and experiments are per- formed at your own risk! If you come up with a good one, I hope you'll write to me. First, the baffles momentarily raise the pressure inside the cannon by restricting the flow of gas. Discard the mortar when it is worn out.

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It's not a very large force, but it's greater than the force of gravity acting downward. Tape the top edge of the paper tube to the bottom of the nose cone.

It takes a keen eye and a steady hand to make a match rocket that flies well. If the barrel is longer, the ignited and expanding hairspray gas would push on the potato for a longer time. The pouch is drawn back, released, and whoosh! Insert loop ends through hole in frame. Well, that's for you to find out.

Backyard Ballistics is the direct descendant of those books. Well, the baffles add a great deal of complexity to the analysis of the interior ballistics within the cannon. It consists of a steel wheel that is rotated against a flint by means of a knurled brass handle.

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Men were sent in with sickles to clear the site, and when a path to the monument had been opened, we walked right up to it. Manufac- turers make these pipes in various thicknesses. Always wear gloves and eye protection.

There is a tendency for the newspaper to burn unevenly. Each chapter also pro- vides specific safety instructions. The newspaper kite is set afire using matches.

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Using more than this may be dangerous. Richard may have had the heart of a lion, but he seemed to have the brain of a bird. For instance, can you shave the matchstick to make it lighter and still get a fairly straight flight? Attach the bicycle pump to the inflation needle.

Ground into fine powder and packed tightly into a closed container, these ingredients could explode with a blast of surprising power. If this happens, the uneven burn opens holes in the kite and the hot air escapes too quickly.

He considered working in the pure sciences and mathematics to be the highest level of scholarship, and his contributions there the crowning achievements of his life. Although his actual books haven't survived, it is believed that Hipparchus wrote twelve books on this and related mathematical subjects. The more force you apply, the more it stretches, and this amount is the displacement. But fortu- nately, he did. Tie the cord ends together securely with a square knot.

In general, a burst length of about two econds works well. Eventually, Richard I of Eng- land, better known as Richard the Lionhearted, reintroduced crossbow use among the rank and file of Crusader troops. Fold over the long edge on each side of the nylon and machine sew the fabric so that it forms a large enough slot to accommodate the rubber tubing. Start with a very short burst and then try progressively larger amounts of hairspray. If the rocket lands on a hard surface and gets creased, throw it away and build a new water rocket.