49 Cfr Part 382 Pdf

49 cfr part 382 pdf

This segment has a variable number of rows depending on the number of profiles with activity over the time period for which this file is generated. The driver arrived at the company's Baltimore, Maryland, terminal at noon and went to lunch while minor repairs were made to the tractor. Hi-rail vehicle means an internal rail flaw detection vehicle equipped with flange hi-rails. Total mileage driven during the hour period shall be recorded on the form containing the driver's duty status record. Multiple stops means all stops made in any one village, town, or city may be computed as one.

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49 cfr part 382 pdf

Provides ability to track origin of the records. Drivers shall keep their records of duty status current to the time shown for the last change of duty status. For example, the display may be untethered from its mount or connected in a manner that would allow it to be passed outside of the vehicle for a reasonable distance. Then, the vehicle will be considered stopped. Driver's Record of Duty Status.

The provisions of this part shall not apply during planting and harvesting periods, as determined by each State, to drivers transporting. The graph grid, when incorporated as part of any form used by a motor carrier, must be of sufficient size to be legible. Driving time means all time spent at the driving controls of a commercial motor vehicle in operation. At a minimum, the device must record engine use, road speed, miles driven, the date, analysing newspapers an approach from critical discourse analysis pdf and time of day.

49 cfr part 382 pdf

Title 49 Part 395

Entered during account creation and user authentication. This parameter must adjust for Daylight Saving Time changes in effect at the driver's home terminal. The month, day and year for the beginning of each hour period shall be shown on the form containing the driver's duty status record.

49 cfr part 382 pdf

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Provides ability to code the specific nature of the change electronically. The result must be represented in two-digit format. Mandatory if a shipping number is used on motor carrier's system. It must be rank ordered with the most current record on top. Exempt Driver Configuration.

Data Diagnostic Event Indicator Status. The determination shall constitute a final agency action. Event Data Check The event data check value must be calculated as follows. Establishes the ability to link records stamped with local time to a universal reference. The appropriate abbreviation must also be indicated on the graph-grid.

This data element refers to the identifier s the motor carrier uses for the trailers in their normal course of business. Malfunction Indicator Status.

49 CFR Title 49 Part Code of Federal Regulations

The driver in this instance reported for duty at the motor carrier's terminal. Shipping document number the motor carrier uses in their system and dispatch documents. Enforcement personnel or driver or motor carrier. Enables authorized safety officials to verify account type specific requirements set forth in this document.

Throughout this appendix the following notations are used when data elements are referenced. Free form text of any alphanumeric combination. The grid and the requirements of paragraph d of this section may be combined with any company form. The name s of the motor carrier s for which work is performed shall be shown on the form containing the driver's record of duty status.

An angular distance in degrees north and south of the equator. No motor carrier or driver may obscure, deface, destroy, mutilate, or alter existing information contained in a supporting document. Provides ability for a driver to offer explanations to records, selections, edits, or entries.

49 cfr part 382 pdf

Driver's Location Description. Driver or authorized support personnel. The duty status shall be recorded on a specified grid, as shown in paragraph g of this section. Driver's certification of own records.

The appropriate consecutive hours off-duty may include sleeper berth time. Internally monitored and managed.

Publicly Available Information. The support systems must also provide information concerning on-board system sensor failures and identification of edited data. These monitoring functions may be automatic or may involve manual steps for a driver. All entries relating to a driver's duty status must be legible and made by the driver. This data element refers to the motor carrier's legal name for conducting commercial business.

Distance Since Last Valid Coordinates. On-duty time means all time from the time a driver begins to work or is required to be in readiness to work until the time the driver is relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work. If a non-sleeper berth operation, sleeper berth need not be shown on the grid.

If the motor carrier mails the form, delivery is made on the date it is postmarked. Otherwise, both reports must be printed or displayed and provided to the authorized safety official. This data element refers to the hour period starting time specified by the motor carrier for driver's home terminal.

Such lists shall be made available to an enforcement official on request. Mandatory when operating combination vehicles. It must be rank ordered with the most recent activity on top. One-hour increments must appear on the graph, be identified, and preprinted.

When work is performed for more than one motor carrier during the same hour period, the beginning and finishing time, showing a. The decision constitutes a final Agency action. Provides ability to code the type of the recorded event in electronic format. Provides ability to code the motor carrier-indicated exemption for the driver electronically. Vehicle miles information must use or must be converted to units of whole miles.